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Permanent Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a permanent, safe and effective means of ridding yourself of unwanted hair. Performing laser hair removal treatments safely and effectively over the last decade has made Dermamode well known and popular in Montreal.

Our laser hair removal specialists are licensed, professionally trained and experienced. Knowledge and cleanliness is what sets the Dermamode specialists apart from the rest. They will answer all your questions and will follow you till the end.

A free consultation is required before any laser treatment to determine what technology or service is best suited for you. Our technologies are the newest on the market and are safe for all skin types.

  • Dermamode offers electrolysis, mainly used for facial hairs or smaller areas and is great for removing light coloured hairs.
  • Dermamode has a range of technologies for laser hair removal suitable for all skin types. Click here to learn more.


Dermamode offers a variety of aesthetic services which are only administered by experienced and licensed aestheticians who have been professionally trained.

Our aesthetic services are designed to tend to the bustling lifestyle of the downtown Montrealer and the busy-bee tourist. As such, we ensure flexible schedules in order to accommodate on-the-spot appointments and pop-in clients.

Women’s Waxing Services

Men’s Waxing Services

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