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The Fall Beauty To Do List

All You Need To Do To Be Ready For The Fall

Oh yes, Summer is now over, but there are many reasons why Fall is a good season at Dermamode! Believe it or not there are a great number of things to do to prepare your skin for the change in season.

During Summer, laser treatments can be a little more complicated, especially if you like to be in the sun a lot. The reason behind that is that sun exposure activates the melanin, which is what gives you your tan, and the laser will target this melanin. As a result laser treatments in the summer are not ideal, and if you are too tanned, you would have to wait at least 4 weeks before having a laser treatment.

Here are the best treatments to start in Fall:

What Kind Of Laser Does Dermamode Have And What Do They Do?

1. Laser hair removal for all skin types

With laser hair removal you can get rid of your unwanted hair forever! No need to wax or shave after about 6 to 8 laser treatments.

For more details about laser click here

2. Veins treatments

If you have small purple or red blood vessels that are starting to show up and thought that there was nothing you can do about it. Well, think again! Apart from injections, lasers are also used to get ride of those surprise vein appearances. This laser targets the blood vessel in order to coagulate the blood causing the vein to disperse and thus diminishing it’s appearance. This treatment can be done anywhere on the body and you will need about 2 to 4 treatments.

3. Skin rejuvenate

This laser rejuvenation treatment uses heat to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin in order to stimulates collagen production. Only after two to four treatments your skin will be more firm and toned, with a young rejuvenated glow. These treatments can be done on face, neck, décolleté and are also very popular for hands.

4. Brown spots/freckles/beauty marks treatments

Laser are used to lighten and remove brown spots. The laser targets the melanin in the spots causing the pigment to reduce. About a week after the treatment you will see that the spots are lighter or even completely gone. Depending on the spot, you may need up to 5 treatments.

For all of our laser treatments, we suggest you to schedule an appointment for a free consultation. You will then have all the answers to your questions.

What Does Your Skin Go Through During Summer And Why We Need To Help It Recover In The Fall:

Because we love Tanning

It always feels good to lounge in the sun, but what you may not be thinking about during that moment is how it can hurt your health in the long run. Over exposure to the sun with out the proper protection, especially over the years, can result in wrinkles, age spots, uneven skin tones, rough and loose skin and dehydration. How do we tan? In other words a tan is a defence mechanism, your skin will produce more pigment (melanin) as a way to protect itself for UV rays. As a result, your skin gets thicker, dehydrated and unhealthy looking. This is why you need to seriously take care of your skin.
TIP : exfoliants and moisturizers are your skin’s best friends!

Please no Sunburns

Everybody gets sunburned at least once in their lives. Sunburns happen when the amount of sun exposure exceeds your body’s ability to produce melanin. You know you have a sunburn when your skin is red, more sensitive and at times painful. For more severe sunburns you can have swelling and blisters. After a few days your skin will heal itself and start to replenish as you will see as your skin peels off the burnt areas and reveals fresh looking skin. This process does not help your skin to age well. In fact, the more damaged you skin is from sunburns the earlier signs of aging will start to appear.

Tips – To Protect Your Skin From The Sun:

  1. Use a sunscreen (at least 30 SPF), even on cloudy days and during Winter. It should be applied every 90 minutes and 15 minutes before going outdoors.
  2. Avoid the sun between 11 am to 2 pm; this is usually when UVB (rays that burn) are higher.
  3. Wear a hat and sunglasses on sunny fall days because the UV rays will still make it to your skin.
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