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Kinelift Therapy

Facial skin rejuvenation treatment: prevent and erase signs of aging.

Dermamode continues to be one of Montreal’s leaders in Kinelift Therapy. Kinelift Therapy is a skin renewal process which proceeds in two concurrent steps.

The first step (Local Photobiostimulation; LED light therapy) enables a powerful red light to penetrate through the skin’s surface and stimulate a cellular response which in turn increases collage production by up to five times more. Scientific experiments conducted by NASA and other respected groups show conclusively that red light increases collagen production in the skin. At the same time, the second step enables the release of modulated micro-currents in order to visibly lift and tighten loose and sagging muscles in the facial region.

Dermamode therefore offers a two-in-one treatment wherein Kinelift Therapy simultaneously stunts the aging process while visibly erasing existing signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin.

Combined with microdermabrasion and/or Micro-Cure Therapy, a customized client treatment package has been proven to show significant results after just one treatment (optimal results after 8-12 treatments) Clients experience a dramatic and apparent difference in their skin’s overall appearance. We even encourage our clients to ask one of our skincare specialists to take “before and after” pictures in order to track their skin’s visible progress.

Kinelift Therapy’s Benefits :

  • Increases collagen production by up to five times
  • Reinforces the body’s natural bioelectrical currents
  • Retrains muscle tissue for a visible lifting effect
  • Remodels the facial contour
  • Significantly slows down the aging process

Dermalift Therapy

Neck lifting and neckline tightening treatments

Dermalift Therapy focuses on visibly lifting the neck and tightening the neckline. With the use of pulsated and modulated micro-currents, Dermalift Therapy noticeably lifts the facial contour and tightens the muscles along the jaw and neckline. As a result, this treatment generates a restructuring of the targeted muscle groups enabling a smoother, younger looking neck and neckline.

Speak with one of our skincare specialists who can advise you on a customized facial and neck treatment package which is best suited for your problem areas. Dermalift Therapy can be combined with Kinelift Therapy, microdermabrasion and/or Micro-Cure Therapy in order to achieve your desired effective results without having to resort to invasive surgical procedures.

Derma Lift Therapy’s Benefits:

  • Specialized skin tightening treatment for the neck and neckline
  • Retrains large muscle groups in the neck region (tightening and lifting effect)
  • Tightens and lifts the facial contour
  • Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles.

In order to guarantee optimal results, 8-12 treatments are advised. However, visible effects can be seen after the first session.

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