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Food Matters

Combining Nutrition And Velashape Iii For Amazing Results

Cellulite And Fat Los

Both men and women alike can be plagued by persistent cellulite stubbornly trapped in those swimsuit “problem areas”. Cellulite is the fat deposits that push against your skin surface causing a dimpling effect. VelaShape III treatments target cellulite and help to contour the puckered skin areas via heat stimulation and massage. However, in conjunction with VelaShape III treatments, proper nutrition is imperative to accelerate fat loss and compound the results.

Rule Of Thumb : Eat Whole Foods.

Our bodies expends calories more efficiently when digesting whole foods, such as high fibre whole grains and tree nuts, than when digesting processed foods. Whole foods rich in protein, fibre, and unsaturated fats also help to promote and prolong satiety and, ultimately, to curtail noshing.

Tip # 2 Protein Is Good

Lean proteins have a high thermogenic effect when they digested, which helps to accelerate fat loss. Wild salmon and poultry are prized protein choices. The amino acids from protein are also the building blocks for muscle tissue.Now, for many women, the idea of a muscular physique may not draw appeal. However, muscle tissue is the foundation for a lean appearance and the commonly-desired svelte silhouette. Lean muscle mass also keeps our metabolism humming as it burns a greater number of calories at rest. By increasing our metabolic rate, our bodies become more efficient at burning the energy we absorb from food.

Tip #3 Green Tea

Adopting green tea into our diets can be a seamless way to burn more fat. Clinical studies have shown that drinking four cups of green tea daily elevates our metabolic rate and mobilizes fat stores. Mildly-steeped green tea has a low-enough caffeine content that it will rev your metabolism without causing jitters.

Most Important Thing Is To Drink Water

Evidence has shown that hydration is also a key factor in optimizing metabolism. When our bodies are dehydrated, our metabolic rate is decreased as compensation. Also, the hypothalamus – the brain’s hunger and thirst centre – can fail to discern the two. So, when the hollow feeling creeps in, the yearning may be for water as opposed to food, but many people will reach for food by default. If still water seems uninspired, try homemade, infused sparkling water – think muddled mint leaves and raspberries or basil and orange slices – or caffeine-free tisanes – the chocolate ones will curb a sweet-tooth. Adequate hydration also helps to keep your skin plump so that it can respond better to VelaShape III treatments.

” Thank you for the tips Jessica! “

Article provided by Jessica Tong, RD | Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Consultant |

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