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1. Micro-Cure Therapy

Complete anti-aging and rejuvenating treatment (face and body)

Micro-Cure Therapy is a unique treatment offered exclusively at Dermamode Laser which offers direct control over your skin’s aging process by penetrating through the epidermis, dermis and muscle groups.

Micro-Cure Therapy uses DermaPod Silhouet-Tone ® technology to combine microdermabrasion, photo-biostimulation and micro currents. This technique can be used at varying intensities in order to provide a customized and complete facial and/or body rejuvenation package which will noticeably reverses existing signs of aging.

What can be treated with Micro-Cure Therapy?

  • Sun-damaged skin
  • Uneven skin pigmentation
  • Fines lines and wrinkles
  • Superficial scars and stretch marks
  • Sagging facial and neck muscles
  • Skin Hyperpigmentation
  • Acne and acne scars

What results can I expect?

The results are amazing. Most clients see immediate improvement after only one session. With a series of treatments (8-12), years are easily removed from the appearance of skin.

Take our Micro-Cure challenge

Look 12 years younger in 12 treatments. Ask one of our skin specialists to track your skin’s noticeable progress by taking “before and after” pictures. Click on the following link to view a sample Micro- Cure Therapy treatment which is customized to target fine lines, wrinkles, sagging facial skin and loose neck muscles: Micro-Cure Therapy Customized For You

2. Purelight B Therapy
Active acne, acne-prone skin, blemishes, redness

Purelight B Therapy is especially designed to treat active acne or acne prone skin while also fading out blemishes and reducing redness. Purelight B Therapy treats all skin types and is safe for persons of all ages.

Purelight B Therapy has been proven to effectively fight acne through an innovative light therapy technology (Local Photobiostimulation) which emits powerful wavelengths past the surface of the skin. The Purelight B wavelengths release anti-bacterial properties in order to destroy acne-causing bacteria.

Furthermore, Purelight B Therapy focuses on alleviating sebaceous glands in the facial region, which have been medically proven to stimulate acne growth and oily skin. The result is seen in blemish-free skin, reduced redness and soothed sebaceous glands.

In order to determine whether Purelight B Therapy is a desirable option for you, speak with one of our skincare specialists who can advise you on the best possible acne treatment combinations. Because each client’s skin is unique, Dermamode Laser offers a free skincare consultation in order to formulate a customized acne treatment package for your skin.

Purelight B Therapy Benefits

  • Amazing acne clearing program
  • Purifying properties (keeping your skin healthy looking)
  • Anti-bacterial properties (keeping your skin clean)
  • Eliminates blemishes
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