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5 Things to do on your day off

Labour Day Beauty Suggestions

1. Sleep in
Sleeping also means that your body is enhancing it’s natural ability to fight off environmental damage. Rest also increases the sleep hormone (melatonin) which acts like an antioxydant. Antioxydants fight age spots, fine lines and even skin cancer.

2. Eat well and drink plenty of water
You’ve heard it before : ”You are what you eat.” During that day off, take the time to prepare 3 good meals full of enzymes, nutrients and vitamins. Too often we eat processed food in order to save time. But by eating a lot of poor-quality foods, you can end up with a dull skin and dark circles more easily.
We also should be drinking about 2 to 3 litres of water everyday, during Labour Day you have no excuse not to drink enough water. So get those vitamines in as much as you can while you can.

3. Do your full skin care routine
”I don’t have enough time to do my skin routine.” We can hear that so often ! On this day, block some time in your schedule to do your full skin routine. Here’s a reminder of the skin care routine steps (in case you forgot!) Cleanser, toner, exfoliant, mask, serum, all creams (eyes and face) and don’t forget the sunscreen if you are going outside !

4. Don’t wear makeup
Certain oils and preservatives in makeup can cause or worsen acne. This type of acne, called acne cosmetica is common and characterized by blocked pores and redness around on the neck, cheeks, chin and forehead. Take advantage of your day off and try not to wear makeup to let your pores breath !

5. Relax!
When you relax, you reduce cortisol (stress hormone) that is responsible of stretch marks, discoloration and thinning skin. So enjoy this day as much as you can and take some time for yourself.

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