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5 Bad Foods For Your Skin To Avoid During Thanksgiving

Here are 5 foods that you want to avoid this thanksgiving:

What Food Can Do To Your Skin This Thanksgiving

For many of us, Thanksgiving means meeting with family and friends around a table full of food. But certain fun foods can affect the appearance of your skin. Did you ever wake up after a long weekend of indulging and realize that you’re breaking out or that your skin doesn’t look as amazing as usual. Well, this can be connected to what you ate.

1. Candy

The sweet treats we love to eat! But what does sugar do to your skin? Sugar can weaken your immune system and when that happens, your body is not as strong to fight off bacteria. Sugar can also cause constipation and believe it or not this can lead to congestion in your skin. So, the amazing candy bar that you made for your guests can also be the cause for adult breakouts. Another thing, sugar can also decrease collagen and elastin production, these are the proteins that keeps your skin soft, smooth and firm. However, a little sugar will not hurt the appearance of your skin. So one or two candies can make you feel great!

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2. Milk

A glass of milk please? When you drink milk, you get a dose of the hormones contained in this milk at the same time. Dairy consumption has been linked to acne, and excess estrogen, which is often found in dairy products. This can cause a cascade of health issues like unwanted hair in both men and women. Almond and organic milk may be a good alternative for it.

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3. Chips

Chips are the easiest finger foods, everyone loves them and they are good as an appetizer before the main meal. But they are made of refined carbs, therefore chips could increase the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and aged appearance, says Farris. Refined carbs are the main culprit in the rise of adult acne cases according to a 2014 study in The Journal of Drugs in Dermatology. So when you see chips make sure not to indulge too much as an abundance of refined carbs can lead to aging skin.

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4. Juices & Sodas

What better time to drink a soda when there’s a large meal on it’s way. You probably know that most juices and sodas are full of sugar. But what you may not know is that it is their lack of fiber makes drinking them even worst for the skin. Fiber is essential for preventing blood sugar swings that prematurely age skin. Without enough fiber, wrinkles will follow. You can always drink organic juices, they have natural sugars that are not as bad for your skin. You can even add some soda water to add those bubbles.

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5. Fast Food

Fast food tastes so good, especially when traveling for a long holiday weekend. But “diets high in such foods almost always demonstrate nutritional deficiencies, and such deficiencies always show up in the skin,” Koff says. “In general, the better the quality of your food, the better your health and skin.” Additionally, poor-quality foods frequently have low water content. This hydration is essential to the health of your skin because it assists in skin detoxification and helps to regulate oil production. So if your are stuck and the only thing available is fast foods, try ordering just a hamburger and leave the soft drink and fries.

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